Eggplant research programme

Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) is an important solanaceous vegetable crop in many countries and india. The fruits are consumed as cooked vegetable in various ways,and dried shoots are used as fual in rural areas. Eggplant is a good source of minerals and vitamins. A and B, rich in total water soluble sugars ,amide proteins among other nutrients and is an appetizing vegetable .eggplant is a versatile crop , adapted to different agro-climatic regions. However, the consumer preference is highly segmented and varies from state to state and within the state . INDO US BIO-TECH LIMITED research programme in egg plant is very elaborate and caters to the total consumer needs across the country.
Wide collection of germplasm with the following economic traits
Diverse fruit type ,color , size, shape and bearing habit
Resistance to bacterial wilt and phytoplasma
Low-to-medium seed content
Wider adaptability
Prolific fruit bearing
Genetic enhancement
Genetic enhancement programme to develop lines with
Desirable fruit colour , shape andsize
Resistance to bacterial wilt(BW),Phytoplasma (MLO) and shoot and fruit borer (ESFB)
Development of hybrids having
High yield with desirable fruit qualities for major Indian market segments such as:
Purple variegated spiny /nonspiny
purple/black chu-chu
purple/Black bharata
Green variegated spiny/nonspiny
Green purple variegated spiny
Early maturity with multiple picking
Less seed content with longer shelf life
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