Okra research programme

Okra is one of the world’s oldest cultivated crop and is the most important vegetable grown in tropical region .The special taste and nutritional value of this crop attracts more attention in some tropical and subtropical countries. Yellow Vein Mosaic virus (YVMV) is the main constraint in cultivation of okra especially during summer. Genetic resistance involving inter-specific crosses have been exploited commercially for YVMV. Considering the importance of this crop , INDO US BIO-TECH LIMITED has initiated extensive breeding program and screening program- mmes for YVMV at hotspot locations like Varanasi (North india).This has resulted in development of a potential and broad based genetic resources as well as several superior hybrids and varieties for commerciallsation
Large collection of diverse germplasm having following economic traits
Green-to-dark green fruit
Diversity in fruit shape
Resistance to YVMV
Medium –to high mucilage content
Wider adaptability
Prolific fruit bearing
Genetic enhancement
Genetic enhancement programme to develop lines with
High per se performance
Very high tolerance to YVMV
Tolerance to PM, red mites and fruit borers
Development of hybrids having
Tolerance to YVMV with higher yield potential having
green –to-dark green fruit color
prolific bearing and tenderness
Early maturity with multiple pickings
Slow fibre development
Suitability for export market
Extended shelf life
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