Mustred research programme

Indian mustard is one of the most important oilseed crops grown during the rubi season. The realizable yield potential in this crop is reported to be much more thane what hab been achived so far. Keeping in the view the potential of indian mustred, the vibha seeds have started its mustard breeding programme with large collecations of germplasm.
Wide Colloecation of diverse grmplasm having
High oil Per Cent
High Yield
High Abaptability
Resistance to major pests and diseases.
Multi –locational trsting system in different agro-climatic situations
Breeding objectives
Development of varieties for
Early sowan areas of india
Medium Maturity growing conditions of Rajasthan, uttar pradesh,gujarat ,haryana,bihar & west bengal
Tolerance to aphids,white rust& other major pests and diseases.
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