INDO US BIO-TECH LIMITED has its seed processing plants located at in Gujarat where the seeds are processed, stored and packed with the help of modern machineries. In addition to our own processing plant company is also hiring custom seed processing and storage facilities in various states to enable proper supply of seeds in time. The bulk seed produced is passed through rigorous field and laboratory tests lot wise to adhere to stringent quality standards. Seed technology department of Indo Us Bio-Tech Limited is equipped with high precision rapid testing equipments and highly skilled trained professional to ensure timely supply of quality seeds in large quantity. Quality of seed is ensured through Grow Out Test coupled with rigorous laboratory testing for Germination, Seedling vigour and Genetic Purity. Indo Us bio–tech Limited has research farm at village Bardoli kathi, Taluka Dehgam District Gandhinagar, Gujarat and laboratories for biotechnology, plant breeding and seed technology fully developed with all essential equipments there and highly qualified and experienced scientific manpower is the backbone of company. Our Compny has its Corporate office at Ahmedabad to develop quick convenient contacts with stake holders.