Melons Research Programme

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) and muskmelon (Cucumis melo L) are two important melons grown in India. Watermelon is being used for table purpose and has wide range of consumer preferences in India and worldwide. Muskmelon is one of the most nutritive and commercially important cucurbits.

Its nutritional value is higher then that of watermelons, owing to greater vitamin C contain. The yellow and orange fleshed melons contain B-carotene and pro-vitamin A. INDO US BIO-TECH LIMITED has initiated focused breeding program in melons to cater both national and international consumer preferences.


  • Wide collection of germplasm from national and international sources
  • Diverse germplasm with
    • Variability for fruit shape and colour in watermelon, fruit shape, colour and netting inmuskmelon.
    • Higher TSS content
    • Variability for flesh colour
    • Small to medium sized seeds
    • Low to medium seed content
    • Resistance to bud necrosis virus (PBNV)
    • Resistance to powdery Mildew (PM) and wilt

Genetic enhancement :

Extensive genetic enhancement program for development of lines having
  • Unique fruit and flesh colour
  • High TSS content
  • Resistance to viruses, powdery mildew and downy mildew

Objectives :

Development of hybrids for
  • Asiatic (dragon and ice-box type )and sugar baby segment having earliness (bearing pistillate flowers at early nodes) with high yield potential
  • Suitable for long distance transportation
  • Fruits with higher TSS content (>13%)
  • Attractive dark red flesh colour with fewer and smaller seeds
  • Tolerance to biotic and a biotic stresses