Wheat Research Programme

Wheat is world’s no one food crop and is most important for food security. It has made substantial condition toward green revolution in India. IUBTPL have recently started the crop improvement research in wheat for developing improved research varieties to cater to the need of Indian farmers.


Availability of genetically-rich germplasm and scientifically-designed research programmes.
Good collection of diverse germplasm having fllowing trials
  • Maximum level of harvest index
  • High yield potential and lodging resistance
  • More spikes and profuse tillering
  • High protein content
  • High degree of field tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress

Genetic resource having vitrous semi-hard grains with high hectoliter weight and medium strong gluten suitable for better bread making and other uses
IUBTPL have initiated research at Gujarat and Rajasthan to cater the need of both north western India.


Development of varieties with
  • High stable yield
  • Higher biomass and high harvest index
  • More number of grains \ spike with profuse tillering
  • Resistant to lodging and shattering

Exploitation of heterosis through development of hybrids
Better grain appearance suitable for bread, biscuit and other end uses
Development of superior high yielding varieties tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses