Rice Research Programme

Rice is among the top two cereals in the world, and is considered as high food security crop.

Realizing the potential of rice and it's importance, we have launched an extensive research programme on hybrid and varietal rice improvement. The company has successfully launched four rice hybrids for different agro-climatic conditions and maturity groups.


Good collection superior diverse germplasm having the following trials :
  • Earliness
  • Long slender and medium slender grains
  • New plant ideotype
  • High head rice recovery
  • Diverse CMS and restorer sources with aromatic and non-aromatic background
  • Resistance to major pest and diseases

Genetic enhancement programme for :

  • Diversification of CMS and restorer lines
  • Development of breeding material with well-accepted grain type, cooking quality and stress tolerance Development of hybrids having
  • long slender, non-sticky, aromatic and non-aromatic grains with early to mid-early duration for north India.
  • Medium to short slender (fine grain type), non-aromatic grains with medium to long duration for south India.
  • Basmati characteristics for north India.
  • Long duration hybrids for shallow and low land areas
  • Resistance to major pests and diseases
  • Tolerance to abiotic stresses

Development of varieties having :

  • High-yield potential under low inputs
  • New plant ideotype
  • Premium grain quality to major pests & diseases
  • Durable resistance to major pests & disease
  • Tolerance to abiotic stresses
  • Basmati characteristics with early to medium duration for India.
  • Medium to short slender, non-aromatic fine grain type for major rice growing areas of India.